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Joas de Bijl

My name is Joas de Bijl and I am an inspired personal trainer and physiotherapist.

All my educations have been about physically guiding, coaching, training and healing people. I started my first related education in 2008: CIOS in Arnhem (Central Institute Of Sport-guidance) followed by the bachelor Physiotherapy.

There are so many different ways to improve physique that most people get lost in all the options. For me the task (and that is what I like to do) to help you reach your goals by handing you the most clear, realistic and practical support. A healthy balance between training, diet and rest is essential and I will guide and coach you the best way possible.

My first experience with personal training was during my CIOS study. Since then, I have worked at multiple sport centers and had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience to a great level. I believe in Life Long Learning and I am looking forward to gain even more knowledge and experience during my upcoming courses and by working together with my awesome colleagues at Physicum!

Together we will make sure that everyone leaves our building more healthy, fit and attractive!