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Michiel Verschuur


My name is Michiel Verschuur and I am a physiotherapist, personal trainer and physical coach.

For a long time I worked in several physiotherapy clinics in The Netherlands and eventually I thought it was time to start my own business. Therefore I started Physicum in 2013.

I have a lot of experience with training, nutrition, coaching and the prevention of injuries. By doing different courses, I have developed myself in these areas and I am always looking for new insights and skills. I stand for a result oriented approach to rehabilitation from injuries and improving one’s health, fitness or physique. As a physiotherapist, I am specialized in myofascial techniques. These techniques are very effective for sports injuries and improving sports related results. They drastically decrease the time it takes to recover from injuries.

The further I grew in my development as a physiotherapist, the more I realized that personal training would be the next logical step. After all, the stronger someone is, the smaller the chance for injuries to develop. Therefore I started to learn more about strength training and I followed several courses to educate myself.

Later on, I also did courses to learn more about nutrition, so I could advise my clients on how to develop a healthy nutritional lifestyle. For me, the last piece of the puzzle was to learn how to coach properly. It is important to explain to people how they should eat, train and move, but of course there can be mental barriers. The coaching aspect is therefore very important when I work with clients.