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Rutger Siebbeles


When I was younger, I started to become interested in sports, nutrition and how to grow an athletic body. During my teens I spent my time training and learning more about fitness. First, my intention was to just grow a more musculair body and train with heavy weights. However, later when I started to understand why and how I was making progress, I wanted to learn  more about it. That's how my study on fitness and nutrition started. 

I practice a lot of 'gymnastics' exercises, because there is so much knowledge and there are so many possibilities in this world when it comes to having a good, healthy physique. It's about a combination between strength, balance and mobility. Besides gymnastics, I'm specialised in strength training and using the right nutrition on the right moment for clients. The combination between these two elements ensure a great result.

The past years I have guided many people in their process to achieve physical goals and I really love sharing knowledge and skills with them. It gives me so much energy, which is the most important reason why I wanted to do this professionally. I look forward to developing myself more and more in the upcoming years as a personal trainer within Physicum and by following several courses.