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Sylvester van Bakkum

My name is Sylvester van Bakkum and I am a personal trainer, physical coach and the co-owner of Physicum.

After having worked as a coach in the sales area for many years, I discovered that coaching, guiding and motivating other people to reach their (commercial) goals was my real passion. I was always interested in strength training and nutrition, and I did several courses to learn more about this. Taking the step towards coaching and guiding people to attain their physical goals was therefore a natural and easy one.

For several years I coached people in gyms in Haarlem. In January 2016 I started working at Physicum. My knowledge along with Michiel’s complement each other and I am convinced that we can help many people to reach their physical goals.

I am ambitious, enthusiastic and always looking for new developments in training, nutrition and coaching. By following courses, seminars and by doing self-study, I continue to develop myself as a coach and personal trainer.