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Physical Coaching

Do you want to achieve your objective and with professional help? Have you been thinking for a while about starting a healthier lifestyle, but you’re not ready for it? Would you like to start focusing on your health, but feel you are restricted by an injury? Then Physicum is the place for you to start working on your health!

At Physicum we work with an individual program that is tailored to you and your needs to achieving your goal. We do this by using different training methods, personal dietary schedules, coaching and guidance. Because we are also a practise for physiotherapy and we specialize in sports injuries as well as muscle and joint complaints, you don’t have to worry about an injury getting in the way of your goals.

Why train at Physicum:

  • Working on your objectives by following a prgram.
  • A training and food schedule adjusted to your goal.
  • Injuries are no longer an obstacle for the physical therapists at Physicum
  • Training in a private training studio (we are not a gym!)
  • Training under professional guidance
  • Guidance that goes beyond the time spent in the studio
  • Extended opening hours.


Get acquainted with Physicum for free and have a look at Emmaplein 2:

Call us: 020 26 16 998
Mail us: info@physicum.nl